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Job Site Photography

This series of images is a photo story of a concrete pour.

From start to finish, minor details to major events,

each photograph chronicles your services to your client.

More than a job well done.

In the construction world, we typically showcase the finished product, forgetting what it took to get there.

I aim to change this.

I have spent countless hours on job sites as a construction laborer working in San Jose and Mountain View. Working at the lowest possible level, my days were spent digging trenches and picking up trash, while the real action was just beyond reach. Whenever I could, I would watch the ironworkers, carpenters and concrete finishers doing their jobs. These were the people doing the lion's share of the work. These were the people doing the work and actually building the buildings.

Their skill is artful and admirable.

Now I return to construction sites, leaving the shovel behind to capture the action and talent created and possessed by these individuals. My experience as a laborer ensures safety at construction sites and furthers my approach to construction photography. My photography showcases the process and reminds us of the hard work and the people who make construction possible.

I want to do this for your projects.

After coordinating a photoshoot at your job site, your company will have a library of images to use for marketing and promotion. The story of what you do will be illustrated with breathtaking photographs, unique to your style and brand.

Let's build something.




Make a statement.

This is the ultimate manifestation of photography. Showcase what you can do for your clients with massive photographs printed on aluminum. The exceptional detail and vibrance of these prints brings your office to life. When clients enter your workplace, there is no question about what you do.

Be bold.

Nova Partners Inc., Mountain View, CA




Let's talk about what I can do for you. I work in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and travel as needed. Whether you are interested in giant metal prints, digital images, a job site photoshoot or anything else, please get in touch with me here:

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